10 Steps to Make Her Fall in Love With You

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Published: 20th January 2011
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"When you came in front of me suddenly that day, my heart was beating so hard, I wanted to talk with you but was completely speechless, my hands was shivering..." Everybody who fall in love had this feeling. And this feeling is so essential, there is no exact expression to convey. In that romantic Environment, everything looks beautiful, air is flavored and eternal rhythm of love surrounds. And if it's monsoon, the season of love and romance, make emotional excitement irresistible. This is the condition a man fall in love and gone mad after his lover. He feels all nature to support him and there is only one beauty in this world, he can't live without. In this OMG situation, no one have control on his act, no responsibilities can come in between, every wish dissolve in one wish of "TO GET HER".

How to take the perfect decision in this confusing situation, where heart can't listen anything but only her, in situation of, "will die in your love.." When your own mind force you to act on more then one thought and most probably every thought was leading you on wrong side. Wrong side means not love's side, but threat side, which let her go away from you or harm your dignity and reputation in eyes of your close-one. I am not considering society, because it will comment you anyways when people think you did something not suitable. It doesn't mean one should do what he want, without taking care of anybody. It means just don't bound yourself in rubbish thoughts of society. And society will support if you do it in right way.

There is very transparent difference between love and attraction, at first sight, its hard to differentiate, but if its attraction, you want her badly. Here want her has major roll, happiness is dependent on achieving her. Where love includes happiness, want is not THAT IMPORTANT, no doubt, one feel bad when she go away. But her is important, not achieving her. So it's clear, that we are talking about love, not attraction of today's generation or hungry giant, named PHYSICAL LOVE. So who fall in love and confuse what to do in this irresistible situation, I have few guidelines...

* She should come to know that you LIKE her (not love) as early as possible, she will watch you automatically, you don't need to try.

* Don't act childish, don't try to be hero, don't irritate, Just highlight, girl like him most who act naturally.

* Aware of your outlook, it matters a lot.

* You don't have to be sexy, just be smart.

* You don't have to be sexy, just be smart.

* If she give signal don't miss it, Start with smile and talk.

* To be rich is enough, only for trashy, be a good person for a better girl.

* Understand body language and read her eye, if you afraid then act a little, it she doesn't deny, just propose her.

* Don't hurry for anything, wait for her sign, from kiss to everything.

* An animal can also show physical love, give mental support, love and care.

* If you want to go straight forward, be a gay, fall in love with a man, If you want a girl, you need to understand the emotions and feelings.

* Understanding and trust matter a lot after this point.

And most important, act wisely for any of above guideline, some decisions are situation dependent.

If you follow the above key points, you will not face any situation, though you think, you need help or suggestion, you can ask me anything in comments of my blog. Don't write any names and no personal information.

There are some barrier in practical life, which can be solved by either wise decision or expert's advise.

So if you think you need, find a love guru.

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